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What You Need To Know About Erotic Massage

Have you heard about erotic massage? If not yet, it is strongly recommended that you research it. Some avoid any conversations related to erotic or tantric massage, as they think that it is all about sex and indecency. If you will come to think of it, it is not the case as erotic massage has its benefits and can be regulated in some states.

Although marketing this kind of business is not as rampant compared to other kinds of businesses, you can still find them easily when you browse on the internet and use different search engines.

Before you jump and try this kind of massage, it is best if you know more about this first. To start with, here are a few things you need to know about erotic massage:


You can do other things than a massage

Yes, you can request not only erotic massage but a more intimate service. This may not be part of what the agency offers, but you can speak with your masseuse if they are okay with it.

You have to be very careful when asking this question as not all masseuses allow it. You can ask if they are okay with additional service, if not, you have to respect their decision. Never harass a masseuse, as not all of them are willing to go all the way.

If you want, you can let the agency knows that you want more than a massage so they can send you a list of the masseuse that is okay with additional service.


You can request to have it done in your hotel

Not everyone is as confident and comfortable going to the agency’s secret space, if you are one of them, you have to know that masseuse can go to a hotel of your choice. Do not worry as this service is confidential, no one would know that you are trying this service unless you tell them.

If you want everything private between yourself and the masseuse, all you have to do is not to tell it to anyone, as the masseuse is professional enough to know that their service is confidential.


It is not for everyone

This is not for everyone to try out. There are many reasons why someone is not qualified to get this service, age is one. Also, not everyone, most especially those who are married or who have a partner, is okay with this service. This service is never compulsory not a requirement, you can or cannot be involved in such activities. The decision is all yours to make.


It is expensive

Yes, compared to a regular massage, this is more expensive. It offers extra service and it is not the usual massage you know. Needless to say, if you have money to give this a try, there is no one to stop you.

This may be a bit pricey but expect that this service can give you an experience that you will never get anywhere.

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