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The Difference Between Tubes and Pipes

Ever questioned what to call round section? A pipeline or is it a tube?

Complicated, isn’t it?

Both the tools appear to be servicing the same hollow cylindrical principle. No matter how comparable they show up, tube as well as seamless pipe [ท่อ ไม่มี ตะเข็บ, which is the term in Thai] have drastically different qualities.

What is the distinction between a pipeline as well as a tube?

let’s hunt pipeline vs tube down!

The difference remains in the details!

  • SIZE

While establishing the dimension, tubes, as well as pipelines, are measured in different ways.

A tube is measured with the assistance of a specific outside diameter, or OD, with a set variety of wall densities. The wall surface thickness is crucial as the tube’s strength hinges on it.

Contrarily, we gauge a pipe by using a small outside size. Amongst the most vital property is the ability or the inside dimension, or ID. Pipelines fit larger applications with dimensions that vary from a half-inch to several feet. Tubes are usually utilized in applications that are of requiring smaller sizes. While a 10-inch pipeline prevails, you will rarely find a 10-inch tube.


The wall surface density is a crucial element while setting apart between pipelines as well as tubes. The density of tubing is typically defined by a scale for thinner thickness as well as for thicker tubing it is suggested by portions of an inch or millimeter. The typical range of tubing is 20 scale, which is 0.035 inches approximately a density of 2 inches.

The wall surface thickness of a pipeline is described as a pipe routine thickness. Amongst the most usual pipeline timetables are:

  • SCH20
  • SCH40
  • SCH80

SCH40 is the most usual, as well as SCH80, is rather heavy.


A tube’s structure does not have to be rounded always. It can be rectangular or square too. They are typically seam welded. Pipeline, on the other hand, is always round and inflexible. It cannot be shaped quickly without using a special device. Pipes are typically seamless and pressure ranked to stay clear of leaks as they generally carry gases or liquids.

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