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How Your Rolex Should Fit Your Wrist?

Can you wear a Rolex Sea-Dweller with a fit? What about a Rolex Cellini with a tee as well as pants? With this guide, we’re going to make certain that you look like an experienced collection agency every single time you slip on your wristwatch as well as set it with your attire. For any individual that needs help in how to put on a watch correctly, we are here to help. As you’ll discover, just placing on a Rolex isn’t adequate to link your look together or make you appear fashionable. So, whether you intend to use your Rolex Watches [นาฬิกา Rolex, which is the term in Thai] each day or simply a few times a week, this Rolex design overview can aid you to start.


All design tips, as well as wristwatch rules apart, you intend to ensure that your Rolex is comfortable to use. While there absolutely are some vital indications following to if you want to look your finest, if your watch is uneasy, then you will either not wear it as always as you would such as or even merely not enjoy it as much as you should.

Personal choice will always be the top consideration regards to just how a Rolex watch must fit your wrist. Nonetheless, there are some general pointers that you can comply with so that your watch both looks its best and feels good on your wrist.


Although colloquially we state one wears their watch on their wrist, this isn’t the instance. A watch needs to be endured the reduced part of the forearm, simply beside the wrist. Whether you’re using the watch on a steel armband or a Rolex natural leather band, here is our position. Using a watch straight on the wrist will be uncomfortable for a number of factors.

Initially, the bone that extends on the pinky side of the wrist, the head of the ulna, will likely harm if there’s a heavy Rolex watch resting on top of it for a long period. Plus, the winding crown, or the chronograph pushers on a Daytona, will tend to go into your hand, eventually creating scraping or sores.

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