How To Get Organized To Start Studying Online

Since we’re talking about studying online like Study English for Business (เรียน ภาษา อังกฤษ เพื่อ ธุรกิจ which is the term in Thai), it’s worth talking about organization. First, make a list of everything you want to complete. Are you struggling to pass a test? Are you going to college? Be sure to list your goals so you can create a study schedule that suits your reality. Once you’ve set your goal, write down the steps you’ll take to reach them.

While it’s great to write down your goals on a computer, it’s sometimes helpful to have a physical connection to what you’re doing. Don’t be afraid to use a notebook or personal diary to take these notes. After writing down your goals, you need to take the time to reach them. It is at this point that your schedules are set.

Extra Tip: Change Your Mindset

Many students looking to study online are unaware that mindset is the key to achieving incredible results. If your mindset is not focused on success, you will have a much harder time concentrating and studying.

But How To Change The Mindset?

The first step is to find out what your mindset is at the moment. There are two types of mindsets: fixed mindset and growth mindset.

A person with a fixed mindset believes that he cannot learn anything new, that he was born with a kind of limitation. When you make a mistake or fail to accomplish a task, you tend to give up easily and accept that you cannot succeed. This limiting thought has negative consequences for the individual. Among them are procrastination, lack of physical and mental disposition, self-indulgence, and the constant feeling of failure.

A person with a growth mindset, on the other hand, recognizes their limitations but knows that they can go much further, learn and develop. Instead of staying in the same place, it seeks to go further, believing that everything can be learned.

If you want to study online, but your mindset is fixed, you will be overwhelmed by laziness, discouragement, and tiredness. Any obstacles along the way will be enough to interrupt your journey. On the other hand, by cultivating a growth mindset, you will be much more prepared for any challenge. It will even become more resilient, with the ability to get up quickly after a fall.

Don’t Forget To Take Care Of Yourself

Especially when you’re studying at home for Course English (คอส ภาษา อังกฤษ which is the term in Thai) for instance, it’s essential not to be too hard on yourself. Be sure to take time away from your books to exercise good self-care. Self-care consists of various techniques and practices, but all of them generally address physical and mental well-being.

To encourage well-being, you first need to take care of some basics, such as healthy eating and regular exercise.

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