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How to earn comp points at online casinos?

People now have access to online casinos from the comfort of their own homes, offering a convenient way for them to gamble and play casino games. Many online casinos now offer comp point programs as an incentive for players to return.

The term “comp points” refers to loyalty rewards offered by online casinos. They provide players with cashback or bonuses based on the amount they wager. For every certain amount bet at the online casino, such as $10 or $20, players will earn a certain number of comp points, usually 1 comp point per dollar spent. These comp points accumulate over time and are exchanged for real money, free play credits, free spins, entry into tournaments, or other rewards. The exchange rate for comp points varies between online casinos but is usually around 100 comp points for $1. Players who earn more comp points will achieve higher tier status, unlocking better rewards and benefits.

How to earn comp points?

The easiest way to earn comp points at online casinos is simply by playing games and placing wagers. Almost every bet placed at the online casino will contribute to earning comp points. Certain games and game types earn comp points faster than others. 

  • Play high-stakes games – Most online casinos will award more comp points for higher bets. Playing high-limit slots or table games will earn points faster.
  • Take advantage of promotions – Special promotions like discounted gaming days or comp point multipliers will accelerate comp points earnings.
  • Play new games – New game releases often have higher comp point earnings for a short period when launched.
  • Play longer sessions – The longer you play, the more comp points you’ll earn. Extending gameplay is an easy way to earn more. 
  • Wager efficiently – Place smart bets and use strategy to extend your bankroll so you wager more before re-depositing.
  • Use comp point accelerators – Some online casinos offer specialized comp point accelerators and machines that award points faster. You can find out more by visiting

Maximizing and using comp points

Here are some tips to maximize the value you get from online casino comp points:

  • Aim to earn points in bulk – Try to earn comp points in larger chunks rather than frequently cashing out small amounts. Most online casinos have higher rewards at higher tiers.
  • Use points for play credits – Using comp points for free play credits or free spins lets you bet without dipping into your real money balance.
  • Save points for big purchases – Hold onto comp points to redeem for something more valuable like a free night’s stay at a partner hotel or entrance into a big tournament. 
  • Know the expiration policy – Make sure to use points before they expire, usually within 90 days at most online casinos.
  • Take advantage of tier benefits – Higher tier levels unlocked by earning comp points offer perks like free withdrawals, birthday gifts, and invited player events.

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