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5 Health Benefits Of Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol Increases Your Chances Of Snoring | Independence, MOAlcohol is often considered harmful. But it can do wonders to human health if consumed in moderation. In addition, some studies show alcohol has good effects, like helping in weight loss. 

Though consuming alcohol excessively leads to multiple issues, you can easily witness the difference it can make when consumed for good health and in small quantities. Many companies like Drink Ink 1 offer after hours alcohol delivery that you can use to improve your health condition. This article will walk you through the different benefits of drinking alcohol. 

Benefits of Drinking Alcohol 

Good for heart

You could work out and care for your body to remain in good shape. Add to this moderate amount of drinking, and you are less likely to get a heart attack. It helps you take care of your heart and reduces the chances of suffering from a stroke or hardened arteries. While the exact reason is unknown, it could be partly because drinking in lesser quantities can raise good cholesterol levels. 

PS: If you start drinking heavily, you could increase the risk of heart disease. 

Reduce chances of getting kidney stones

When you consume alcohol limitedly, it helps you by preventing kidney stones. For instance, people who consume wine moderately are 33% less likely to get kidney stones. It is 41% for beer consumers. The reason attributed to this effect of alcohol is that it makes you urinate more often and thereby helps in letting out the tiny crystals or stones. 

PS: If you go overboard with drinking, you will get dehydrated, putting a higher risk of kidney stones. 

Less likely to get Alzheimer’s

Consuming a drink once or a few times a week reduces your chances of getting Alzheimer’s. Wine is especially the best for treating or preventing the disease. For example, the tailored diet to reduce the risk of this disease has wine as a part of it. So, occasionally, having a few drinks proves to be very healthy for your brain. Having heart disease could speed up the effects of the disease. However, since drinking moderately reduces the risk of heart disease, it also reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. 

Helps in reducing weight

Different liquor varieties have proved to help shed some weight. For instance, Tequila can lower your weight as it is considered better than many artificial sweeteners and is said to keep you full for a long time. Similarly, wine, especially red wine, is proven to help with weight loss. It helps one manage obesity and a fatty liver. It is because of a chemical called ellagic acid, which slows down the growth of fat cells. 

PS: Remember to stick to these drinks, but don’t go more than a glass or two. 

Boosts your sex life

Wine can help you boost your sex life. In men, a drink or two reduces the risk of erectile dysfunction. It also helps raise a man’s testosterone levels. In women, it creates heightened sexual desire. Here is how it works, the antioxidant profile of vino relaxes artery walls and increases blood flow down south, and arouses feelings of sexual excitement. 

PS: Drinking too much can affect your sexual desire and ability negatively.

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