September 25, 2022



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? Then, this is the place where you can find some sources that provide detailed information.


Why did you sign up to Youi?

I signed up to Youi last December because I was stood down and looking for a better deal. Initially they were great albeit pushy. Cheap cover that covered everything I needed and I was happy.

What are Youi's contact details?

What are Youi's contact details? Our office is located at 2 Smart Drive, Sippy Downs, Queensland. Call: 13 YOUI (9684)

What happened to Youi premium?

Phoned Youi and explained review in Nov and reasons for it, nothing changed since and was advised best they could do was a decrease of 10%, still leaving a $10.00 increase per month. No circumstances had changed between Nov when reviewed and Dec when renewal issued and Premium increased.

Is Youi a good insurance company?

Youi use the fine print to get out of the cover you thought you had. Youi is just another insurance company doing their best to use the fine print to get out of covering you. I was declined, even thou the event was out of my control, caused outside of my property, not wear and tear or age related.

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