September 25, 2022

Tanduay Ice


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Tanduay Ice

Why buy Tanduay Ice?

Tanduay ice provides good qualified products that will satisfy consumers’ taste at the best possible value. In addition, Tanduay ice products are manufactured by high-tech lines and meet global manufacturing standards.

What does Tanduay Ice taste like?

With a variety of flavors, each Tanduay Ice flavor choice helps to pop off the personality of the drinkers. Tanduay Ice is the combination of grapefruit, fruit flavor, and triple distilled spirit at 5% ABV.

How much does Tanduay Ice vodka cost?

Here, Tanduay Ice Vodka price is P900 for 24 bottles of 330ml and Tanduay Ice’s original taste is cheaper, whose price is P740 for 24 bottles of 330ml.

What is the alcohol percentage of Tanduay Ice?

With the right amount of flavor and Tanduay ice alcohol percentage is 6% alcohol, you will surely enjoy the party with your friends without getting too tipsy or drunk. In addition, Tanduay ice calories are only 300.

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