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What is the story of Sakuting?

Most Filipino folk dances tell a story. In the Sakuting, it is a story of Ilocano Christians and nonChristians combat during the Spanish colonial rule in the country. (Ilocanos are the people

What is Sakuting dance?

Introduced by Spanish missionaries as religious ritual, the sakuting dance portrays this struggle between the lowland Christians and the non-Christian mountain people. Sakuting’s origins, however, appear much older.

What is a Sakuting stick used for?

A sakuting stick is striped or bamboo and is about 1½ feet long and tapered at the end, like a candle. Its original use was for combat training. During the playful folk dance, two teams, one representing each side, circle and clash bamboo sticks in a gentle imitation of martial arts sparring.

What is the Ilocano Sakuting dance?

The Ilocano people customarily perform the sakuting dance as part of Christmas celebrations. Performed at the town plaza or from house to house, the dance allows the opportunity for spectators to give the dancers aguinaldos—gifts of money, drinks, fruits and refreshments prepared especially for Christmas much like the English custom of caroling.

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