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Reasons Why It Matters To Learn English

Knowing how to speak, write and read in the English language has long been recognized as one of the essential skills for any professional’s career. However, in the IT industry, this knowledge is even more indispensable. After all, the technology we use is completely globalized. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt a universal language, in this case, English.

In other words, to transfer knowledge (technology), professionals from different countries must communicate using a common language. And, unfortunately, that common language is English!

Despite the facts mentioned, many professionals are still questioning the objective validity of English to succeed in the technology sector. With that in mind, in this post, we will present the top reasons why knowing English and English tutoring (ติว ภาษา อังกฤษ which is the term in Thai) is so important.

1) Manuals And Official Documentation

One of the most significant advantages a technology professional will have when learning English is studying the latest software and technologies. As you know, the most powerful software and applications release their official documentation in English.

Therefore, those who have previous knowledge of the language will always be one step ahead of those who need to wait for translations or learn its features empirically, based on trial and error, which ends up costing you as you grow in your career.

2) Publicizing Your Projects

Those who work in the IT area and are used to developing personal projects can use English as a lever for disseminating their ideas and projects. So, if you haven’t mastered the language yet, invest in online English classes.

3) Lectures And International Congresses

All aspects of the technology area invest in a series of congresses and workshops (in person or online) to spread new ideas. Information Technology (IT) is no different. There are several lectures and workshops based in countries like the United States, England, and Canada. And guess what, the speakers speak in English!

For this reason, if you want to keep up with the news and participate in significant events with the best keynotes, investing a little of your time in learning the English language is essential.

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