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Read more About Injections To-Plan Quick Relief From Arthritis Pain

Best Treatment for Arthritis Pain: Regenerative Spine and Pain Institute:  Board Certified Pain Management Physicians

Pain in the knee from osteoarthritis is sometimes unbearable. It is at those times that you want immediate relief from pain. At the same time, most of you don’t lie about the idea of undergoing knee replacement surgery. Participating in physical therapies to strengthen the muscles around the knee joint is a good idea. But the, knee injections can be more effective in reducing the pain, especially if the reason for pain is something else than osteoarthritis, including infection. Cortisone and hyaluronic acid injections are the most popular ones for treating osteoarthritis pain. 


Temporary relief


Getting relief from the continuous pain is the chief reason that makes you get the injection. But you should Read more [อ่านต่อที่นี่, which is the term in Thai] about the process and the impact before getting the injection. The cortisone injections start working within 24 hours of application, and the effect will last between 6 weeks to 6 months. The cortisone injection aims to reduce inflammation, which is actually the main reason behind the pain in your knees. However, the hyaluronic acid injections work much slower, and you cannot feel the complete impact before a couple of weeks. But the effects last longer. The primary objective of giving this injection is to lubricate your knee joint. 


Stop the arthritis flare


Significant swelling, knee pain, tenderness, and redness can result from an arthritis flare. These have an association with the autoimmune forms of arthritis-like gout and rheumatoid arthritis. With the help of cortisone injection, it is possible to stop the inflammatory response of the arthritis flares. Cortisone is a significant anti-inflammatory substance that will aid in reducing the pain that arises from the inflammatory response of the body. Sometimes, the inflammatory flare causes the accumulation of excess fluid in the knee joint capsule. The cortisone injection can aid in extracting the fluid out. 


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