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What is/R/Filipino?

r/Filipino is the place for open discussion about the Filipino race, the Filipino language, or generally about Filipino culture. 1. 2. 3. 4. Always follow reddiquette. 5. 6. Moderator list hidden.

What is S&R Membership Shopping in the Philippines?

S&R Membership Shopping in the Philippines is an exclusive wholesale and retail supermarket chain with some branches now opens to almost high-class geographic areas in the Philippines like Cebu, Pampanga, Bonifacio Global City and more. I have listed the complete S&R Branches below as you read on..

Does the Philippines have a good agricultural research system?

With a total of close to 4,000 full-time equivalent researchers in 2002, the Philippines has one of the largest agricultural research systems in Asia. But in terms of total agricultural research spending, the Philippines ranks behind more economically advanced Asian countries such as Malaysia and South Korea.

How is R&D in agriculture in the Philippines funded?

Public agricultural R&D in the Philippines is heavily reliant on government sources of support. In 2002, the Philippine government provided more than 85 percent of funding to the government agencies. In recent years, however, the share of internally generated resources has gradually increased.

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