September 25, 2022

Pnp Finance


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Pnp Finance

How much is the salary of PNP in the Philippines?

All PNP personnel assigned in certain areas within the following regions: All PNP personnel assigned in the foregoing areas are paid an initial amount of Php1,000.00 for the first year and annual maintenance fund of Php300 thereafter.

What is the incentive pay for member of the PNP?

It is an incentive pay for member (licenses) of the Medical, Veterinary, Dental given to Medical, Dental and Nursing, and Legal Profession who joined the PNP. The incentive is paid at Php200.00 monthly to be incorporated in the monthly pay check (Ref: NAPOLCOM Resolution No. 91-18).

What is public affairs allowance in PNP?

It is an allowance given to uniformed personnel of the PNP whose frequent appearances in public affairs or frequent attendance of ceremonies and who are assigned in units/activities requiring the wearing of presentable uniform at all times. The following is the amount to be received (Ref: NAPOLCOM Resolution No. 91-18):

What is the Pei amount of the PNP for a pensioner?

Pensioner may seek assistance and clarification at PNP Retirement and Benefits Administration Service (PRBS) through the following hotline: Smart: 0961-899-0928, Sun: 0931-064-4361, Globe: 0977-714-5263, and TNT 0953-413-5924. December 20, 2021 a. The PEI of P5,000.00 shall be given to personnel not earlier than December 15 of the current year,

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