September 25, 2022

Magulo In English


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Magulo In English

What is the synonym of Magulo?

The best English translation of the word Magulo in Dictionaries are messy, disorderly, complicated, complicate, dis-organized, untidy, cluttered, unsystematic, out of order, disarranged, chaotic, complex. What is Magulo meaning in English? Disorderly means untidy and disorganized.

What is the meaning of the word Mag-Abala?

2. to be disturbed or worried: matigatig, magambala, maligalig, mabahala, mabagabag, magulo. 3. to take trouble, to bother: mag-abala, magpakaabala, pagkaabalahan. 4. to cause extra work or effort to, to put someone to some inconvenience: mang-abala, abalahin.

What is the meaning of the word Mag-Utos?

1. to tell what to do, to command, to give an order: mag-utos, utusan, iutos, mag-atas, atasan, iatas, mag-orden, ordenan, iorden n. 4. state or condition of things in which the law is obeyed and there is no trouble: katiwasayan, katahimikan

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