September 25, 2022

Indigenous Materials


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Indigenous Materials

What are some examples of indigenous materials?

Indigenous materials are those that are native to an area. Examples are bamboo being used in the production of furniture and handicrafts in areas that grow bamboo, spices and foods cooked and eaten that are grown locally, and natural medicines concocted from local plants, to name a few. What are some examples of indigenous instruments?

Are indigenous materials useful for Urban Development?

Today, indigenous materials are fairly considered more for their aesthetic purpose, with little respect for their potential functionality, than for conventional urban development. We have grown used to buildings enclosed by concrete and glass that we get fascinated when we enter any place enclosed by traditional bamboo poles or coconut timber.

Why do indigenous materials vary from place to place?

Some areas are less endowed than others, so indigenous materials vary depending on the geographic features and location and climate condition of a region. These materials in effect become a large influence on the lifestyle and culture of a region's people overtime with the skills and crafts handed down through generations.

Why are handicrafts made with indigenous materials?

If handicrafts are made with indigenous materials, there will be no material shipping costs which lower the overall cost of the production and the materials will be much more readily available. What are some examples of soft brittle hard materials? iron and copper are hard materials . What are some inorganic materials?

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