September 25, 2022



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What is FA+?

ZESTRON ® FA+ is a solvent-based cleaning agent designed to remove all types of flux residues from electronic assemblies, ceramic hybrids, power electronics (power modules, leadframe-based discrete components, Power LEDs), and packages (Flip Chips/CMOS). It is surfactant-free, easily rinsed and does not require explosion-proof precautions.

What are the pros and cons of FA?

But FA's biggest plus is that it allows most pornographic content, where other sites either limit it (dA) or require an approval process (Hentai-foundry).

How can I help support FA+?

You can help support the site directly through PayPal through a subscription to FA+, and you can cancel at any time at or by following the menu link under your username! Issues or concerns with FA+? Feel free to open a ticket under the "FA+" category.

Can Fafa do what subeta does?

Fa should do what subeta does and if an account has been inactive for a few years, there is a count down at the top of the page for when it's going to go inactive. Once the timer is up, people are free to take that user's name and they are given a similar one to replace it. (if their name was dragon, it would change it to dragon 1).

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