September 25, 2022

Dragon Tail Plant


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Dragon Tail Plant

What is the flower of dragon tail plant?

The dragon tail plant has flowers in the form of spathe and spadix. Its inflorescences are green in color that bloom only during summer.

How to grow dragon tail plant from branches?

Add some mixture of plum soil and pollen on top of coconut coir. Add some more coconut skin on top of the soil. Your growing medium is ready. Your plant will like an airy growing medium as it has aerial roots. Next, take a healthy branch from the dragon tail plant. Put this branch at the center of the growing medium. Add more soil.

Is dragon tail plant poisonous to dogs?

Dragon tail or monstera look-alike is poisonous if ingested in large quantities. Its poisonous leaves can trigger a reaction and cause irritation in the mouth, throat, or GIT. So keep your pets and toddlers away from this one. This plant will live in your home for quite years as it is a durable, evergreen plant.

How fast do dragon tail vine grow?

Dragon tail plant, just like pothos, is a fast-growing vine that reaches its maximum height in no time. The ideal USDA plant hardiness growth zones for this plant are 4a to 8b. It like warmer climates.

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