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A comprehensive guide on the varieties of The Singleton

Single malt Scotch whisky is the choice for many drinkers. The specialty of this drink is that, it is produced in a single distillery, where only a single malted grain is used to prepare it.

If you love this drink, then choose The Singleton. Its flavor is soft and complements different food.

The fruitiness of this drink will surely attract you to have it regularly. You can surely choose to serve this drink with Thai, Chinese and Japanese food.

Variety of the Singleton

Duff town is the best place where Single malt whiskey is made. Based on the maturity, this drink can be classified into three parts.

  • The Singleton 12 years

Since this drink is fermented for less number of years, so it will not be heavy for a novice drinker like you. Moreover, it has a sweet and fruity flavor making it a perfect pair for simple desserts like ice cream or a piece of fruit cake.

  • The Singleton 15 years

This whisky is medium-bodied, and has the correct texture to pair with slightly spicy food. This drink can be added to dishes as well, just to outdo the strong flavor of the spices in the dish. It can be combined with homemade dishes like Japanese curry rice to add a distinct flavor to oriental food.

  • The Singleton 18 years

The long fermentation of this drink makes it a perfect choice for you in case you love strong, soft yet heavy body whiskey. You can easily pair it with different dishes of fish or meat. It has a charming smell with a mellow flavor and seductive fragrance.

Pairing the right food with this drink is an art. And you should slowly master this art to surprise your guests.

Various cocktails can easily be made from this drink. The only thing is you should know the exact combination to get the right flavor. It will not only make you popular among your peers but make your home a happening place for hangout.

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